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"Don't want to be caught "

Materials: Acrylic paint on Canvas 

I created this piece to emphasize the importance of being vigilant and watchful over the things that are yet to happen. Sometimes, you might want to escape the tediousness of mundane physical tasks. You may want to focus on building your expectations for life while being detached from your physical surroundings and outcomes. This piece is based on that notion, and it highlights the extent to which you can continue to live in the world that you are slowly building for yourself. Unbelievably, you struck a deal with the source to have whatever it is you envision yourself being and wherever you end up, but you were never given a guarantee as to when or how you would obtain it. After all, an agreement is an agreement, and I do not want to get caught if I can't enter a dream world that allows me to bring my wish list down from the ether and into reality.

30.48 x 40.64cm (WxH)
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