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Ars Longa vita brevis :Art is long, life is short- 1/3 of the "To see and have sight" series.

Materials used: acrylic paint and Czech glass beads.

For this series, I wanted to experiment with more mixed-media concepts as opposed to straight painting. I am in a phase of my practice where I am taking a break from painting because I feel that some of the mediums in my work are becoming repetitive, and I want to come back with a fresh enthusiasm.

I chose the title "Art is long, life is short" because I am at a place where I'm settling into the notion that skills or personal motives, whatever they are, take a very long time to master, even if I never get to master them before my lifespan comes to an end. To indicate how frequently I see achieving goals as either a black-and-white path or a grey-sometimes-multicolored method, the portrait subject is depicted as tricolored. It can be tricky to think that "the only option was...".

30.48 x 40.64cm (WxH)
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